Emilio J. Lezcano

Journalist - Editor - Photographer Professional Race Car Driver

Bernd Rosemeyer

Bernd Rosemeyer was born October 14, 1909 in Lingen, Lower Saxony, Germany.  Like many other drivers of the period, he began riding motorcycles.  He caught to the attention of the DKW factory who had recently joined a group of other manufactures to form the Auto Union group.  A revolutionary new Grand Prix car was being built at the Horch factory, at Zwickau, under the direction of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche.  The car featured a 6 cylinder engine.

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Bari, Italy

The Bari Grand Prix was held in the seaport of Bari, on the Adriatic coast of Italy who organized races between 1947 and 1956 on a circuit that ran through the streets of the town, over a distance of 3.449 miles (5.550km) and the whole town coming to a virtual standstill on race day.

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