JagBook[1] Developing the Legend

 Paul Skilleter with Norman Dewis

 P J Publishing Ltd.

This is a story both of personal achievement and of a heroic
period in Jaguar’s history.  In a career spanning 33 years at Jaguar,  Norman Dewis tested and developed a remarkable series  of cars including:

C-type  –  D-type  –  XK 140/150  –  2.4/3.4 and Mk 22 saloons
Mk  VII/Mk   VIIM     –    E-type    –   XJ13    –    XJ/XJ-S  –   XJ40

Plus, he rode with Stirling Moss in a C-type in the 1952 Mille Miglia, drove a 190mph works D-type  in  the  highly  dramatic 1955 Le Mans, raced in the Goodwood 9 Hours, and set an amazing 173 mph production car record at Jabbeke in Belgium with an XK 120. Completing over a million test miles at 100mph-plus average, Norman Dewis also played a crucial role developing the revolutionary Dunlop disc brake, and survived high-speed crashes and roll-overs in the days before seat-belts – and without ever breaking a single bone.

Filled  with  personal  insights  and  fascinating technical details,  this book tells the unique story of a great Jaguar character and the equally great cars he worked with.