Madrid – An Overview for Your Next Trip.

Madrid City Council’s Tourism Department has designed a digital information campaign which, via the website and the Visita Madrid profiles on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, will enable an emotional link to be forged with users: people who have visited Madrid and the city’s residents themselves.

The aim is to post quality content about Madrid so that people can continue to enjoy their favourite places and experiences in the city from home. This special campaign, which will continue throughout the confinement, consists of a range of content grouped together under the hashtag #MadridSeQuedaEnCasa (#MadridIsStayingHome).

Madrid wants to be as vibrant in the future as it has been in the past, which is why the City Council’s Tourism Department has released a video reminding us that the city has shut down to enable it to bounce back stronger than ever.

As it has at various points in its history, the city has come together to battle this pandemic. It’s a struggle that every one of us is waging from our own home, and that will allow us to get back to enjoying the city’s pace of life, streets, monuments, green spaces and experiences.

Because together, we will overcome this challenge, and Madrid will rise up stronger than ever.

The video has been posted on the Visita Madrid social media profiles, and can be found on the following link: .

Some very original guided virtual tours have been posted on the Visita Madrid Instagram profile to allow us to enjoy the city to the fullest from our homes. Take an enlightening online walk from the comfort of your sofa, enjoying tours of key sites and a range of experiences in the capital.

The content will help you discover and find out more about the city’s major cultural venues, green spaces, most emblematic places, iconic features and gastronomy, in addition to showing you the best views in the capital.

The spirit of Madrid is also found in all the little details that the city’s residents see from their windows. That’s why the hashtag #MadridDesdeMiVentana (#MadridFromMyWindow) invites everyone who lives in the capital –known figures and anonymous Madrileños alike– to share the views of Madrid from their homes on Instagram Stories: individual perspectives of an incredible city that together shape its unique, diverse character.

No matter what happens, Madrid will never lose that essential quality that makes the city what it is. After we have overcome this difficult situation, we’ll be able to enjoy Madrid once again. That’s why, along with this campaign, the City Council’s Tourism Department is sending the message #MadridTeEspera (#MadridIsWaitingForYou). A range of postcards and images of Madrid and its key sites showcase that eternal Madrid that is always there, with its wonderful monuments and art.

Another of the campaign’s strategic lines focuses on sharing educational content about the city, its secrets and some interesting facts. You’ll be able to find out things like what the city’s oldest construction is, where Madrid’s biggest cinema –the first in Europe to install a magnoscopic screen– was located, and what establishment is mentioned in Valle-Inclán’s play Bohemian Lights.

The content is also designed to entertain users with trivia-style questions to find out how much they know about Madrid, teach them a bit more about the capital’s history and give the whole family a chance to have fun together.

The city of Madrid’s official tourism website,, has also adapted its content for this exceptional situation, providing information on the measures taken in relation to the coronavirus pandemic and promoting all sorts of virtual content and tours, such as those offered by museums along the Paseo del Arte (Art Walk), institutions like the Teatro Real opera house and the Telefónica Foundation, and virtual walks through some of Madrid’s main parks and gardens.










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