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On behalf of the Counselor for Tourism Affair, Felix De Paz, I am pleased to share the following news with you:

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced last Saturday, that the entry of international tourism to Spain in safe conditions will resume as of  July 1st. Tourists can start planning their vacations to Spain.

Spain needs tourism, and tourism needs safety both in origin and in destination. That is why, the Spanish government will guarantee that tourists will not be at risk while in Spain, and that they will not bring any risk to the country Spanish tourism is synonym of hospitality, sunny climate, with a unique cultural offer, and great gastronomy, beaches and landscape, the Spanish tourism will add to it two additional landmarks: health safety and environmental sustainability. Spain awaits you starting July. Whoever visits Spain can count on stepping on safe soil, with a health guarantee and committed to the sustainability of the planet.


Once we have marked the opening date on the calendar, we continue more intensively than ever to work with our European partners to define the opening rules. We seek to define common rules to regain freedom of movement three premises in the Schengen area, including The United Kingdom: security guarantees, health capacity and transparency. We are committed to a gradual, coordinated and non-discriminatory opening between areas with the same epidemiological situation, that is, not only by country but by region.


The possibility of opening safe routes with third countries outside the EU (European Union) that have adequate epidemiological conditions and based on reciprocity criteria is being studied. That determination will be in the hands of the European Center for Disease Control.


By the end of June, all Spanish destinations will have completed the de-escalation process and reached the new normality, therefore, unless epidemiological developments advise otherwise, they will all be open to receive tourists, both national and international.


Tourism needs security, safety at origin and destination. We will guarantee that tourists will not be at risk and that they will not bring risks to the country. We are prepared to receive international tourists. Work has been carried out so that the entire tourist value chain implements the maximum hygienic-sanitary measures to reduce the risk of contagion by coronavirus (21 guides are been prepared).


On July 1st, there will be no quarantine. Work is being done at European level so that there are common protocols / controls to guarantee security and not confuse tourists.

In 2019, Spain was the second most visited country receiving about 84 million visitors.
We will keep you updated regarding future announcements.




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